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Oregon Roof Consulting - Roofing Hall of Shame - 2020

Here at ORC we will soon start our eighth year of service, so we offer some more Hall Of Shame entries that are real doozies. Here we go! 

Roof Inspection - Sandy, OR (Feb 17, 2020)

The owner of this house lives in Oman, which is next to Saudi Arabia. She is selling this house and wanted an independent assessment of the roof. Of course 3 roofers told her she needed a new roof. I told her otherwise. I am not selling anything so I can afford to be honest. One chump even put a huge tarp on the roof and created more repairs by nailing long 2X6 boards with large nails to hold the tarp down. Said 'roofer' in my opinion was trying to scare her in to buying a new roof or trying to make her feel obligated to award a new roof job because of their heroic and gallant efforts.As you can see by the close up photos these shingles are not 'shot'. All that needs to be done is rework the shingles around all protrusions. Some of these bastards will do and say anything to get a roofing job. Not this time so go rip off someone else.

Cowboy Roofers gone wild - Ashland, OR  (Jan 25, 2020)

This roof can't get any worse. It's a new roof that will have to be done over. The shingles were fastened with staples which were disallowed by code in 2003. Even if staples were allowed these are too short to meet minimum penetration requirements. Staples are also mis applied meaning the staple crowns must be parallel to the butt edge of the shingles. These are mostly at an extreme angle or perpendicular. Many are also overdriven. This fastening job looks like my pet rabbit did it - with sincere apologies to The Bunster.              

Newer Roof Inspection - Aloha, OR  (Jan 22, 2020)  

This mess courtesy of a repeat offender who doesn’t give a damn. This the 12th roof done by them and every one has had multiple legitimate negatives. Prior to and during the sale they treat you like a long lost dear relative but if you register a complaint you become an annoying enemy. On this one they used narrow crown plywood staplesto fasten the hip shingles. Fasteners MUST be roofing nails. 90+% of the nails used for the field shingles are badly misplaced with many over driven and at one large area no nails at all. Wiyh the report I attached a document with diagram from the shingle manufacturer that says nails MUST be on our embossed nailing line which is the strongest part of the shingles. Nails were way above this line. You know, placing a nail isn't that hard.                        


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    Residential and commercial roofing project consulting in Oregon; Portland Metro, Oregon; Bend, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; Washington State; and the Pacific Northwest area. Offering professional roof consulting, inspections, project monitoring, and certifications for property owners and homeowners.

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